Sue the Jack Russell cross

Little Sue is a five and a half year old Jack Russell cross. She cannot live with cats and given her small size, she will need a secure garden. Sue has not lived with children before and as she can be quite possessive with her toys, any children in the home would have to be old enough to know to not take them from her. She can bark at dogs when she is out on the lead but has been OK when introduced correctly to them. It would be best if she was the only dog in the home as she likes to sit on knees and be the centre of attention.

If you have read this far then you’ll be relived to hear that that was all the bad bits out of the way! Sue can be a lovely little dog and real character; she would make a great companion for the right person or could fit into a family very nicely. You’ll just have to meet her to find out whether she’d right for you!

Sue now has a new home! Hurray!