Fly the Collie

Fly the Collie is six months old. He is from working stock and needs someone with a lot of time and experience to train him. He can be nervous of new people but is OK with other dogs.

He is not the cute puppy any more, he is a young adult needing guidance and structure in his life. Fly also needs a job to do: either agility, lots of walks or frequent access to secure places like Dogzone near Ripon. Without this he becomes very frustrated and snappy.

Fly is a very intelligent, loving dog but constantly looks to his person to let him know if he is doing the correct behaviour in an effort to please.

He needs a secure garden and someone around until he is taught it is OK to be left alone for short periods. He will not be rehomed with children or with anyone who works full time and is going to leave him on his own. We do not know about cats he has never lived with them.

Fly now has a new home! Hurray for Fly!